Childbirth Classes And A Scheduled Cesarean Section

There are many reasons why expectant mothers decide to not take prenatal classes, including cost and scheduling conflicts. Experienced mothers may think that they do not need to take the classes a second time, and if you have a scheduled cesarean section, then you may think that birthing classes do not apply to you. However, every expectant mother can benefit from prenatal classes, not just first time mothers planning a vaginal birth.

If you know you will be scheduling a c-section with your health care provider, keep reading to learn how prenatal classes can improve your birthing experience. 

Prenatal Classes Include Pregnancy Exercises

You may think that prenatal classes focus solely on the act of birthing a child, but actually they spend quite a bit of time focusing on how to stay healthy throughout the final trimester of your pregnancy. Your instructor will likely discuss the importance of nutrition in the final months and which foods can decrease constipation and swelling. More importantly, he or she may give you exercises to strengthen your abdominal and vaginal muscles.

Even during a c-section, the pelvic floor is stretched. Exercising these muscles during pregnancy will help create a less painful, faster recovery period. 

You May Go Into Early Labor 

During your class, you should not tune out during the discussions and exercises related to labor pains. There is always a chance that you will go into labor before your scheduled c-section. You will want to know how to recognize the early signs of labor and how to deal with contractions until you can make it to the hospital.

This is especially true if you are planning a c-section for medical reasons. Recognizing preterm labor as soon as possible and going to a hospital to either have the labor stopped or the cesarean process started can reduce complications. 

Prenatal Classes Include Information on Antenatal Care 

Whether you have a vaginal birth or a cesarean birth, you will have a much longer recovery period than most women expect. Some women do not feel completely healed in the abdomen until months after birth. A prenatal class will give you exercises and social tips for dealing with your healing process. You will also go into motherhood with a more realistic expectation of your post-pregnancy body. 

Prenatal classes are not just for mothers delivering vaginally. If you are having a c-section, and are concerned about the content of the course, you should ask your instructor if they will be willing to offer a course specific to c-sections. Even if you are in a mixed class, do not hesitate to ask questions and get a more in-depth understanding of your type of birth.

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