4 Ways To Deal With Your Severe Astigmatism

If you are living with a severe astigmatism, your vision may not only be a little blurry but objects may seem crooked when they are not. To help you deal with these difficulties in your sight, try one or all of the suggestions below.

Use A Level When Hanging Pictures

When you are hanging pictures on your walls, you may see them as straight when they are actually crooked. Also, a straight picture may seem off centered to your vision. 

Since you cannot trust your eyesight to make sure your pictures are straight, use a level. Test both the top and one side of the frame. The bead should be in the center of the marker. If you are still unsure, ask a family member or friend if it appears right to them.

Keep Your Eyes Moist With Saline

The blurriness caused by your astigmatism can be alleviated by keeping the lenses of your eyes moist. You can do this using an over-the-counter saline solution, using it every six hours or as directed by the product's directions.

Stimulate Your Tear Production Using Rose Water

If you would like an alternative remedy for keeping your eyeballs hydrated, you can also wash your eyes with rose water. Found in most pharmacies and health food stores, the water will stimulate your eyes' production of tears. 

Twice a day, saturate two cotton balls with the rose water. Lay back and lay them on your eyelids. Let them remain for ten minutes, then remove them. Do not dry your eyelids, since the water will continue to absorb into your skin and tear ducts. You should see a difference after using the treatment for two weeks.

Wear Sunglasses Or Eyeglasses With An Anti-Reflective Coating

Bright sunlight will reflect off of the uneven curvature of your eyes' lenses. This will cause your vision to become blurrier, as well as create halos of light around objects.

To combat these effects, ask your optometrist or optician about having sunglasses and glasses made with a special coating that will reflect the sun's rays away from your eyes. Either one of these will improve your eyesight while you are trying to enjoy the outdoors.

Along with the above tips, you should also discuss with your optometrist about having eyeglasses made for you that are specially designed to correct your vision. They will help you see clearer and straighter by changing the refraction of your eyes' lenses. Visit websites like http://www.spectacleshoppe.biz/ for more information on getting eyeglasses that can help you.