How To Care For Your Feet And Prevent Bunions From Forming

A bunion is a painful swelling that occurs in the joint area of the big toe. These nuisances are often caused by feet tilting inward while walking or standing. Although this condition can be passed down through generations, improper footwear can also play a part in the formation of these painful areas. There are steps that can be taken to prevent the problem from occurring altogether. By caring for your feet now, you will also be able to avoid extensive medical procedures. 

Proper Footwear And Reduced Pressure

Tight shoes and ones that have large heels often contribute to the formation of bunions. If you must wear dressy shoes, opt for styles that have cushioning inside of them. Choose a wider shoe than you normally would. Take advantage of times that you can sit down and take pressure off of your feet. As soon as your busy day is over, remove your shoes and slip into something more comfortable. If your muscles feel sore, relax your feet by resting them in a tub of warm water. 

Orthotics Used On A Daily Basis

If you begin to notice that your feet are hurting after a long day, you might choose to invest in a pair of orthotics. Orthotics are specially designed inserts that help realign the way feet tilt. After worn for a length of time, a person who is suffering from pain may notice that their condition is gone or considerably better. You can speak with a podiatrist about these special inserts in order to get an opinion about whether they would be good for your condition. Orthotics can be custom made to fit all of the shoes you wear. This will allow you to work, relax, and exercise in comfort.

Special Exercises

Maintain the flexibility in your toes by exercising them on a regular basis. Stretch your toes outwards until they are extended. Hold for several seconds. Curl your toes back and hold them for the same amount of time. Repeat these steps several times. Hold your foot against a resistance band. While your are pressing your foot outward, pull the band towards yourself. Never overdo either of these exercises and always consult with your physician if you feel discomfort that does not go away on its own. Although exercises won't remove bunions that are already present, they can prevent them from getting worse. 

Continued Care

Always take good care of your feet and maintain your comfort level on a daily basis. If you ever experience pain that is interfering in your normal routine, set up an appointment to have your feet examined. A podiatrist like one from The Podiatry Center can take x-rays, which will allow them to check the alignment of your feet. By having problems detected early, you will be able to stop the condition from getting worse.