Guaranteeing Your Mobility And Safety - Preparing For A Stair Lift Installation

As you age, it can be difficult to continue to make use of all of the spaces in your home. For older people who have limited mobility, navigating stairs can be a particular challenge. This can be very difficult if your bedroom is located upstairs or your main recreation area is located downstairs, and you need to be sure you can still safely navigate those obstacles.

Installing a stair lift can be an excellent solution that will allow you to maintain full mobility in your home. Below, you'll find a guide to some preparations you should take before the lift is installed, guaranteeing that you can safely and securely make use of your new lift.

Secure The Steps

While it may seem counterintuitive to suggest that your steps need to be strengthened in order to use a lift, the lift has to be securely mounted to a stable surface. Your stairs are designed to absorb a great deal of stress, and as such, the additional weight from your lift is best supported by mounting it on the stairs directly.

You should be sure to have your stairs carefully inspected for any loose boards or potential slipping hazards. Securing this loose hardware will guarantee that your stairs are ready to absorb the stress of your lift and keep you safe.

Avoid Tripping Obstacles

Stair lifts are popular among people who have limitations to their mobility. As such, it's vital that you don't introduce any additional hazards to your home. The track that your lift travels on may extend slightly beyond the length of your stairway, and as such, it could create an impediment to your mobility.

You should be sure to accurately measure your stairway to allow for the lift track to be as short as possible. This will guarantee that you can safely navigate your lift while also not facing any additional challenges in your day to day life.

Consider Doors

Many staircases have a door at the top or the bottom, and those doors can pose unanticipated challenges to people who are installing stair lifts. When you consider the design of your lift, you also need to keep in mind how your doors will affect your ability to get in and out of your lift. If your access to your lift is limited, you won't be able to get the service out of it that you may need. Maintaining sufficient clearances is a very important consideration as you prepare for your stair lift installation.