3 Treatments Offered At A Wellness Center

Wellness centers are wonderful places to go if you would like to improve either your mental health, physical health, or both. They provide a variety of services for their clients and do in-depth examinations and testing to create the best treatment solutions for their patients. This article will discuss 3 treatments offered at a wellness center. 

Hormone Therapy For Women 

If you are a woman feeling sick, having trouble losing weight, feeling emotionally unbalanced, etc., then you may have some hormonal issues. You may feel like you have tried everything in the book to become healthy both mentally and physically, but if your hormones aren't balanced, then you likely won't be able to achieve this. Wellness centers offer a treatment known as hormone therapy that tests the hormone levels in your body and sees what hormones aren't balanced. From there they are able to help you begin the process of balancing your hormones by instituting hormone replacement therapy. This uses a combination of hormones including estrogen to replace your hormones, helping you find the balance you need to feel better. 

Diet Assessment 

Most wellness centers have a dietician present that can give you a full diet assessment and help you to find a diet that works for you. Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain weight, gain muscle, overcome an eating disorder, find nutritional balance with a food allergy, or changing your eating habits to deal with a medical condition, the dietician will be able to help you. They will take into account your fitness levels, your body's specific needs, your metabolism, etc., and from there will create a diet plan for you. You will then report back to them regularly with your results, and they will help you change the diet plan until they can create one that is a perfect fit for you. 

Chiropractic Care

If you are suffering from pain in your back due to an injury, medical condition, or some other unknown cause, there are chiropractors available to help you at most wellness centers. The chiropractor will be able to assess your back and from there they will be able to work on the areas that are causing you pain by manually adjusting them. Going in for these adjustments regularly can help you to completely adjust the areas that are giving you pain and keep them in alignment. Also, massage therapy services are also offered at some wellness centers to provide you with even more physical relief. 

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