It’s Time For Back Surgery: 4 Tips To Make The Recovery Easier

If you're going to be having back surgery, you should know that the recovery period is just as important as the surgery itself. How well your back heals from surgery will greatly depend on the recovery period. The best time to start preparing for the recovery period is before you even have your surgery. Prior to surgery, you should prepare yourself and your home for your recovery. Here are four steps that will help you have a successful recovery period.

Make Sure Everything You'll Need is in Reach

There are things you're going to need while you recover- such as toiletries. Before you leave for the hospital, be sure that everything you'll need is within arms-reach of where you'll be spending most of your recovery time -especially during those first few days after the surgery. Place any toiletries you'll need on the sink or countertop. This is especially important since you won't be able to bend over or reach up above your head right after surgery.

Arrange for Help

You're going to need help while you're recovering. Pain and discomfort will make it difficult for you to get around the house or prepare your meals. Not only that but you might be unstable on your feet for the first few days. To help you with your daily tasks, you should arrange to have someone stay with you for a few days following your surgery.

Purchase Extra Pillows

You're going to be uncomfortable after your surgery. You might find it painful to lay down or sit for a few days. Before you go to the hospital, make sure you have enough pillows to keep you comfortable. You should have at least one pillow to place under your knees while lying in bed. Placing a pillow under your knees will help take some of the pressure off your lower back. This is particularly important following back surgery. You should also have enough pillows to place behind your head and neck for support.

Trip-Proof the Floor

You're going to be unsteady on your feet for the first few days after surgery. Trip and fall accidents can cause serious injury to your back. It's important that you remove any potential hazards before you go in for surgery. Be sure that potential tripping hazards are removed. It's also a good idea to place slip-resistant rugs in the kitchen and bathroom. This is particularly important if you have ceramic tile in your kitchen or bathrooms.

While you're preparing for your back surgery, you should also be preparing for the recovery period. Use the tips provided above to prepare yourself and your home for your post-operative recovery period. Contact a local office, like Southwest Florida Neurosurgical Associates or a similar location, for more help and tips.