Tips For Helping A Child Prepare For An MRI

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an advanced test that doctors sometimes need in order to diagnose a child or otherwise help them achieve optimal health. The MRI will create pictures of internal organs and structures within the body. During the MRI, images can be taken from a variety of angles, which often makes them particularly helpful. Sometimes an MRI is needed alongside other testing like ultrasound exams and X-rays. If your child needs to get an MRI, you may have anxiety, but it's important to focus on preparing the child in a calm manner. Here are some tips to help your child prepare for the MRI.

Go into Minute Details

It's extremely important to prepare for your child for the MRI by giving them a detailed description of what they can expect. The MRI scanner itself is essentially a big box with lots of internal technology that has a human-sized tunnel in the middle of it. While the doctor is sure to instruct the child on exactly what they need to do, talking to them about it first will help them feel empowered. Knowledge of what is going can help children feel in control of something that's very much out of their control.

Amp Up the Fun

Face it. Any time that's spent on medical testing for a child is not going to be a day at the beach. However, there is no need for kids not to enjoy the MRI as much as possible. Try the following ways to help make it as pleasant as possible:

  • Help your kids make a playlist that they can listen to during the MRI. They may use your music player or bring along a small mp3 player all their own. To make it extra special, allow them to put a song or two on the playlist that you usually wouldn't allow them to listen to, and help them choose upbeat songs. Just make sure to ask the doctor about MRI-safe headphones to use for your little one's ears.
  • Allow your child to choose a special outfit for after the MRI. This can be something that is fancy or super casual. During the MRI itself, the child will change into hospital pajamas or other hospital-designated ensemble. That can seem weird for some children, so having a special outfit awaiting them after the procedure may cheer them up.
  • Plan a fun day for after the testing. Let the child choose an activity they really like to enjoy on the day after the MRI is done. That can be an exciting thing that they look forward to when facing their fears about the MRI. It can be something as simple as going to the movies, but it may seem like a big deal to a frightened little one.

Finally, keep in mind that the MRI is going to be a fairly simple procedure, although it can be scary for a child. Do all you can to remain calm and upbeat when talking about the MRI with your child. Focus on how it can help them get better and solve the problems that they are facing. When the MRI is considered in a positive light by their parents, children are likely to accept it more easily. For more information, visit a clinic like Omega Diagnostic Imaging PC.