3 Reasons To Choose Water Birth

Delivering a child can be one of the most awesome, and simultaneously terrifying, experiences available to a woman. Many women choose to rely on the services of a midwife when birthing a child. Midwives can offer the opportunity to birth a child in water, something that every expectant mother should consider.

Here are three reasons why you may want to choose a water birth for your next delivery.

1. A water birth can ease anxiety.

Many expectant mothers experience high levels of anxiety when they think about the pain and stress associated with childbirth. This anxiety can manifest in harmful ways, like increased blood pressure and muscle tension during delivery.

When you opt for a water birth, you get the relaxing benefits of being surrounded by calming water as you progress through the delivery process. The warm water in a birthing tub can ease muscle tension and induce feelings of tranquility, especially when lavender essential oils are added. 

2. A water birth can be more comfortable.

The birthing process is not without pain and discomfort, and many women search for ways to help ease their discomfort without turning to prescription medications or an epidural. When you opt to work with your midwife to complete a water birth for your next delivery, you can ensure that the birthing process will be as comfortable as possible.

Sitting in the water of a birthing tub can help alleviate weight on you your back and pelvis. The buoyancy you experience in the water makes it easier to change positions during delivery with ease.

3. A water birth can reduce tearing during delivery.

For many women, tearing of the perineum during birth can take a significant amount of recovery. Much of the pain and discomfort felt after delivery can be attributed to tearing.

When you opt to engage in a water birth, the warm water in the birthing tub can help to relax and soften the perineum tissue. This helps to make the delicate tissue more flexible, reducing the likelihood that you will tear while giving birth to your child.

Understanding the many ways in which you can benefit from choosing a water birth will help motivate you to discuss this option with your midwife. If you are hoping to avoid anxiety, discomfort, and tearing during your next delivery, a water birth may be your best option. Take advantage of the calming effects of a water birth for your next delivery. Contact a professional like George L Stankevych, MD to learn more.