2 Tips for Caring for Your Skin After Laser Tattoo Removal

If you have a tattoo that what poorly done, is fading, or that you simply no longer want, then you can get it removed by using a special type of laser. This is done by using a special light within the laser to break down the pigment in the skin created by the tattoo. This is going to cause the tattoo to fade.

Overtime, your body is going to recognize this foreign substance and is going to remove these pigments. This is going to effectively remove the entire tattoo. While the process is generally going to be a successful one, there is a recovery period that you will need to go through. This article will discuss just two tips for caring for your skin after your laser tattoo removal. 

Cold Compresses Are Key 

The area where your tattoo was removed is going to be very tender, and may develop blisters, bruises, swelling, scabs, and crusts. A great way to combat these things from getting worse than they need to, as well as reducing the amount of pain that you are feeling, is to apply a cold compress. A cold compress will help to cool the area, which is going to help with the swelling and inflammation.

It is also good for reducing your pain levels because it is going to numb the skin a bit, thus dulling some of the sensation that you feel. The most beneficial time to use a cold compress is going to be right after the procedure and for the first day or so after that. 

Use Antibiotic Healing Ointment 

The top layer of your skin is going to be temporarily damaged after your treatment, which is why you will develop some of the symptoms stated in the previous section. Because of this, it is going to benefit a great deal from a topical antibiotic. An over-the-counter antibiotic healing ointment is going to be very effective in helping with the healing process.

You simply apply the ointment generously onto your skin, and then cover it with a thick piece of gauze. This allows the ointment to stay in place and soak into your skin, providing you the most healing and relief. You will want to repeat this process regularly until your wound is healed enough to where you don't feel the ointment is necessary any longer. 

For more information, contact tattoo laser removal services to ensure the process goes smoothly.