Rainy Day? Head To These Indoor Areas To Get Your Steps With Your Fitness Tracker

If you're eager to lose weight, visiting a weight loss clinic for professional guidance can put you on the right path. In addition to working on your diet, your health professional will also advocate exercise. One way to exercise is to buy a fitness tracker and join the masses trying to reach 10,000 steps per day in an effort to lose weight. You might have an ideal walking route that you follow through your neighborhood. During inclement weather, however, you may not wish to walk in the rain — which could leave you falling short of your 10,000-step goal. While coming up short one day won't really derail your efforts to lose weight, you don't need to let the rain get in your way. You'll have trouble amassing any significant number of steps in your home, but here are some ideal indoor areas that you can visit.

Big Box Store

Your local big box store is an ideal environment in which to walk as you work toward 10,000 steps. It's ideal because of its sheer size; you can walk up and down each aisle, as well as take a couple laps around the perimeter of the store, and easily complete several thousand steps. An added bonus is that if you get hot during the walk, you can visit the freezer aisle to cool down — and, of course, you can pick up some groceries or other products at the end of your walk.


Malls are also ideal for those who wish to walk for a significant block of time. In fact, some malls actually open early for local walking groups; the stores themselves won't be open, but you'll be able to walk through the concourses of the mall. It's ideal to visit at this early time, as you won't have any shoppers to contend with. You can take a lap of one level, climb up to the next level and take another lap, and then continue this pattern.

Sporting Venues

Many sporting venues are locked unless an event is taking place, but some are not. If you live in a city with a minor league baseball stadium, for example, check to see if the concourse is open during the day. In some cities, the local baseball stadium's gates will be open for those who wish to walk laps. While some of the walk might be out in the rain, a significant portion of it will be under a roof, so you can concentrate on this area. If there's an arena in your city, it will typically be open. The size is this building is ideal, as you can take laps of any of the ice surfaces — and keep cool and refreshed while doing it.