5 Tips To Keep Your Eyes Healthy Throughout Your Life

Sight is one of a person's most important senses, but few people appreciate their eyes and know how to care for them properly. Taking care of your eyes can help ensure that they stay healthy for many decades. Use the following tips to care for your eyes:

Schedule Regular Eye Exams

One of the most important things you can do to keep your eyes healthy is schedule regular eye exams with your eye doctor. Even if your vision is good and you don't need eyeglasses or contact lenses, you still need to see an eye doctor. During a comprehensive eye exam, your pupil will be dilated and the pressure in your eye will be tested; the results from a dilated eye exam and pressure test can help discover hidden eye diseases that you may not be aware that you have.

Learn Family History

Most people know if their is a history of cancer or cardiovascular disease in their family, but they may not know much about their family member's eye health. Take the time to talk with your parents and close family members to discover if their is a family history of eye diseases or conditions. In many cases, eye diseases and conditions can be hereditary, so knowing your family's eye health history can help your doctor be extra diligent about watching for signs of even the smallest problem with your eyes.

Always Wear Sunglasses

UV rays are not just damaging to your skin, they can also damage your eyes. Any time you are outdoors, it is always in your interest to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. Purchase a quality pair of sunglasses that have lenses that are designed to block out both UV-A and UV-B rays.

Pay Attention to your Weight

Most people know that being overweight is not good for their heart, but they may not realize that it also is not good for the eyes. Being overweight can contribute to developing type-2 diabetes, which can lead to a number of health complications, including vision loss. If you are currently overweight, speak to your doctor about developing a healthy eating and exercise plan to help your lose weight so you do not develop type-2 diabetes.

Keep Contacts Clean

Many people with vision problems wear contact lenses. While they are great at correcting vision, contact lens wearers must be very careful about taking out their contact lenses and cleaning them properly in order to prevent eye infections. If you wear contact lenses, also make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap before touching your eyes.

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