Why Stem Cell Treatments Are Being Considered For Everything

Every which way you turn, researchers are looking at using stem cells to treat all manner of diseases and disorders. Can stem cell treatments really work? Can they fight cancer and lupus and MS and MD all at the same time? Why are these treatments being considered for everything? To answer that, absorb the following:

Stem Cells Are Easily Manipulated

Stem cells are the basic building blocks of life. They can be manipulated into creating healthy, duplicate cells that are individualized for every patient, creating biologically perfect cell matches. If you have a diseased liver, some of your healthy liver cells are harvested, then utilized in a lab to manipulate the growth and development of stem cells. The stem cells can turn into healthy, disease-resistant cells, or grown into a new liver that is a healthy clone of the one you have. That can be done with virtually every organ in the human body!

Stem Cells Create an Immensely Healthy Alternative to Drugs

Chemotherapy uses deadly poisons to kill cancer cells. Radiation therapy literally burns you with radio waves. Many drugs have very negative and potentially dangerous side effects. Stem cell treatments eliminate all of the above because they are replicated versions of your own cells and your own body tissues. All you feel is healthy and well, with next to no downtime for recovery after the injection of the stem cells or implantation of the cloned organ.

You Need No Helper Medications for Stem Cell Treatments

If you receive a cloned body organ using manipulated stem cells, you will not need to take any anti-rejection medications. The organ is one that your body recognizes as its own tissue, even though it is not the organ you were born with. As such, your body does not try to reject it, and you do not need to take any "helper" medications to get your body to accept and adapt to the new (cloned) organ.

That Said, Yes, Stem Cell Treatments WORK

Stem cell treatments really do work. They are the cutting edge in medicine. They are already in use for many disorders and diseases in Europe and the U.K. They are currently being used for a couple of health issues here in the U.S., but until they get full clearance from the FDA, stem cell companies are only allowed to administer these treatments for a specific (and short) list of health problems.

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