Some Things You Need To Know About Osteoporotic Fractures

There are many women who suffer from osteoporotic fractures. These fractures can be very painful and can severely decrease the quality of life for the person. This is why it is important to know how to treat the problem and what to do it you are dealing with this kind of fracture. Here are some things you should know:

What Is An Osteoporotic Fracture?

An osteoporotic fracture is different than just a normal bone break. This is because it is caused by aging and osteoporosis that some women get. It is normal for women, as they age and as they go through menopause to have their bones weaken. The weaker the bones, the more likely they are to break. The fracture that is being discussed here is a specific type of fracture that comes from the bone crumbling, splitting or just becoming softer to the point that it can no longer sustain weight without breaking.

How Do You Treat An Osteoporotic Fracture?

The hardest thing is knowing how to safely treat the fracture. The problem is that the bones are already compromised, so generally, surgery is frowned upon and avoided. The only exception is if the fracture is causing some sort of nerve damage, or damage to another organ. In this case, there may be surgery to remove or reconstruct the parts of the bone that is damaging the organ or nerve.

Generally speaking, the treated is physical therapy. It used to be that people would simply rest and try to help the bone heal, but it was later discovered that this was dangerous because the less movement and muscle tone around the bone, the more likely it is for the fracture to happen again. Instead, you need to exercise so that the bone can become stronger. This means that physical therapy is the best option.

During physical therapy, you will do exercise that encourages the bone to heal, as well as strengthen the muscles around the bone.

How Do You Prevent These Fractures From Happening?

Prevention is the best way to deal with these sorts of problems. If possible, you should be doing exercises every day that encourage strong bone health and strong muscles. Something like running isn't safe, but Pilates or weight training that is controlled can be great. Additionally, you should be eating foods that encourage bone and muscle health.

By doing these things, you can protect your bones from osteoporotic fractures. Contact a company like Radius for more information and assistance.