Tricks That Speed Up Cataract Surgery Recovery

After you have removed the eye coverings after cataract surgery, you might notice that your vision is blurry. This is because it will take your body time to adjust to the removal of cataracts. Your lenses are more clear and your eyes will have to become used to this. Normally, the recovery time is about a month. However, there are ways you can speed your recovery up.

Report Visual Distortions

The first hour after surgery, you might notice wavy vision and other distortions. This is normal and will usually go away. If you are still experiencing these distortions after 24 hours, contact your eye surgeon. 

Don't Rub Your Eyes

Your eyes will be very vulnerable while they are healing. Make sure to not rub your eyes. One way to reduce eye rubbing is to wear gloves. By wearing gloves all the time, you will be constantly reminded not to rub your eyes.

Avoid Strenuous Activities

Avoid strenuous activity because it can place strain on your eyes. For example, do not lift heavy objects. Avoid bending altogether, especially immediately after the surgery. If you must rearrange furniture, postpone this until after your full recovery. Even sneezing or vomiting can cause strain on your eyes, so try to avoid these if possible. Avoid anything you are allergic to or that might give you an upset stomach.

Ask for Help

Cataract surgery recovery is much easier with the help of someone else. Avoid driving shortly after completing the procedure. Also, try to avoid driving for a month if possible by instead relying on a friend to drive you. Also, make sure your home is clear of obstacles you might bump into and be careful when walking outside. 

Beware of Eye Strain

When engaging in computer work or watching TV, do not do so for too long. You do not want to spend too much time staring at something without looking away, since eye strain can interfere with your cataract surgery recovery.

Take All Medications

Your doctor will likely prescribe an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory. Make sure to take these medications as directed. If you feel the need to take a pain medication, you will only need a mild medication since you will likely only experience discomfort. 

While recovery may be difficult, cataracts can achieve amazing results. Many patients are able to drive without eyeglasses after the surgery. Therefore, if you are considering this procedure, get in contact with a cataract surgeon, like those at The Eye Center Inc.