How a Gastroenterologist Helps Someone With Chronic Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a health problem that affects millions of people every year and is usually quite easy to treat with over-the-counter medications or with dietary and exercise changes. However, some individuals may find themselves suffering from chronic diarrhea that is caused by more persistent health issues that may be problematic if left undiagnosed. Therefore, a gastroenterologist may be necessary.

Chronic Diarrhea May Be a Symptom of More Serious Issues

An occasional bout of diarrhea is uncomfortable and frustrating but is not uncommon for many people. However, some individuals may develop chronic diarrhea that can become quite frustrating. This problem can be tied to a variety of different issues, such as stress, but can also be caused by digestive issues – like undiagnosed lactose intolerance – that need to be properly managed to keep a person healthy.

Beyond its underlying issues, chronic diarrhea can also be a concern because it may trigger dehydration if a person isn't careful enough with their fluid intake. Therefore, it is essential for those who are struggling with this problem to reach out to a medical professional who can help. And a gastroenterologist is the proper medical authority to handle this situation for an individual's health needs.

How a Gastroenterologist Can Help

A gastroenterologist is a healthcare professional who can diagnose problems with the gastrointestinal tract. For example, they can figure out if a person's diarrhea is related to diseases like lactose intolerance or Crohn's. Then, they can prescribe various medications that decrease the symptoms of these conditions and make it easier for a person to have solid and consistent bowel movements.

Even better, these health professionals can find out lifestyle changes that may help a person combat the worsening of these symptoms. For example, many gastroenterologists are capable of changing a person's diet to include those that fight diarrhea, such as denser protein. They can also help a person find supplements that support their dietary health and avoid various types of persistent diarrhea.

Therefore, anybody who is suffering from this problem or who knows somebody experiencing these symptoms needs to talk to a gastroenterologist right away to learn more. These healthcare professionals can help educate a person on the inner workings of the gastrointestinal system and will also provide various types of therapies that ensure a person digests their food properly and doesn't experience any discomfort caused by various complications with their intestines, stomach, or other parts of the body.