A Routine Eye Exam Can Help Your Eye Twitch

If your eye has ever started twitching, seemingly at random, you aren't alone. Many people come in for routine eye exams, only to disclose that their main concern is a twitching eye. The truth is that eye twitching is something that eye doctors are also concerned about.

Here's why your eye might be twitching and what you can do about it.

Caffeine & Alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol intake can have a lot to do with the ways your eyes function. A routine eye exam will involve asking some questions about your general health, leading the eye doctor to determine that you might need to cut back on substances that cause your eyes to twitch more often.


Lack of sleep is a common reason why your eye might be twitching. Your eyes may be struggling to deal with your lack of sleep, and twitching may be how this manifests. Your eye doctor may ask you how much sleep you get if you complain about this problem.

Eye Strain & Dryness

Sometimes your eye is the real issue. If you experience chronic dryness or strain, twitching is common. The good news? A doctor can help you remedy this situation by checking to see why your eyes are dry and what you can do to keep from straining so hard.

Eye Issues

Sometimes the issue could be that the cause of your eye is something structural. The twitching you experience could be something more serious or more pervasive. An eye exam can shed light on these problems. Preventative care may be easier than treatment in some cases.


Doctors often ask about stress during an exam, and eye doctors are no exception. Many people who are stressed out will find that their eye twitches more often, and the only solution really is to find ways to settle the stress. Your doctor can confirm that this is the likely issue, sometimes by checking your blood pressure and asking questions.

Nutritional Deficiency

Your eye doctor may also ask you about your diet. In many cases, an eye twitch is linked to a deficiency of a specific nutrient, and a professional can help you address this issue with a supplement or dietary change.

If your eye is twitching, and you have not had a routine eye exam in a long time, you should make an appointment. Your eye doctor will help you determine the cause of the twitching and help you move forward with fewer concerns about your eye.

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