How an Industrial Hearing Test Helps Jackhammer Workers

Jackhammer operators are often very hardy and robust workers with incredible physical strength. Unfortunately, these operators may find themselves suffering from hearing loss caused by their job. This loss may progressively be harder to spot in a more general hearing test. Thankfully, industrial hearing tests can provide the help that these individuals need.

Hearing Damage Is Common in the Industrial World

Although working in industrial settings can be a financially rewarding experience for those who want to work hard and strive for a higher level of success, it isn't always a straightforward approach. For example, many people end up experiencing some form of high-level hearing loss caused by working in the industrial field. For instance, highly-paid jackhammer operators experience very high levels of strain.

And while it is true that these operators use ear protection to avoid damaging their hearing, there's only so much that can be done to prevent long-term problems. Often, many people in this situation find themselves slowly losing their hearing unexpectedly and find it impossible to work a jackhammer safely if their hearing slips far enough. In this situation, an industrial hearing test may be critical.

Ways an Industrial Hearing Test May Help

Industrial hearing tests utilize high-powered tools to spot subtle and significant hearing loss troubles. For instance, some experts use specialized machines that gauge how well an individual hears specific frequencies commonly lost when operating a jackhammer for many years. These higher-level frequencies often go first and are hard to measure on less-sensitive hearing equipment.

By spotting these troubles earlier with these more sensitive tests, jackhammer operators can take other precautions to protect their hearing. For instance, they may need to upgrade to more expensive — but more protective — earphones that use noise-cancellation technology to prevent severe hearing damage. And they may also need to learn how to take breaks and gauge hearing fatigue as they work.

Typically, a jackhammer worker probably needs to get one of these tests at least once a year to ensure that their hearing is as protected as possible from severe damage. Their employer's insurance will often cover them, especially if this type of treatment is necessary for their job. And insurance should also pay for various treatments, including hearing aids. In this way, it is possible to ensure that this problem doesn't become a consistent and troublesome issue for these workers.

Reach out to a medical professional to schedule a hearing test.