When You Should Start Seeing A Gynecologist

Gynecologists are very specialized medical professionals who work with women to ensure healthy reproductive organs, often in tandem with other medical professionals such as your primary care physician or an obstetrician. But when should you see a gynecologist and when is it okay to go see your regular doctor? There are no hard and set rules to determine this. Often one will refer you to the other if they think the other medical professional could handle your situation better, so there is never a big issue. However, there are some signs that indicate some problems are best solved by your gynecologist. Here are three of the most common. 


Incontinence can be a very embarrassing issue for women, but it is always treated with discretion. Gynecologists often see sufferers of this problem. It is far more common than you think and there are ways to deal with it that can help make your life much more enjoyable, especially in social settings. There is no need to suffer in silence when the alternative is so easy and can be radically life-changing. If you suffer from any form of incontinence then see a gynecologist as soon as you can.

Anything Pregnancy-Related

While obstetricians and doctors can be useful as well, if you have been unable to conceive, or have some questions about it, then a gynecologist should be your first point of call. They can give you a much more thorough examination and also perhaps order some tests if they are deemed necessary. A gynecologist knows what problems are most likely going to be the root cause of your issue. They will work with you to eliminate them until you are ready to try to conceive.

Vaginal Inflammation 

The vagina is a very sensitive area on your body at the best of times. As such, when things start getting uncomfortable it can be hard to pinpoint exactly why. If you have already tried to fix this pain with things like over-the-counter medication, then it might be a good idea to have a professional take a look. If there are any underlying issues, you want them taken care of before they become more problematic. If you ever find yourself struggling with an uncomfortable or inflamed vagina, then a gynecologist is the expert for you. 

Contact a gynecologist for more information. They are available to help you with any of these issues and more.