What To Expect When Attending A Telemedicine Consultation For Hormone Imbalances

Are you ready to tackle your hormone imbalances? You can do so from the comfort of your own home rather than having to schedule a series of appointments in a doctor's office. Here is what you can expect when working with a telemedicine consultant to get a handle on your hormones:

An Initial Assessment

The first thing you can expect to do after scheduling a hormone imbalance consultation is meet virtually with your service provider to conduct an initial assessment. During the assessment, your service provider will want to learn more about your case history and find out what kinds of symptoms you are experiencing.

They will likely ask about your digestive health and whether you experience any blood sugar issues. They will also want to know all the things you have tried at home to get rid of your symptoms. The assessment will also give you an opportunity to ask any questions you have about the treatment process you will be going through.

Necessary Testing

After your assessment, your service provider will want to do some tests to verify exactly what kinds of hormone imbalances you are dealing with. The testing may involve taking a saliva test or giving a stool sample. These can be done at home. If you choose this option, your service provider will mail you a test kit and once you use the kit, simply send it back to your provider. That way, they can complete lab testing on the samples.

If a blood test must be done, you should be able to head to a local lab to complete the test. The lab will then send the results of the blood test to your service provider when they are ready. After your service provider analyzes the results of your test, they will contact you to get started on the next steps.

A Custom Treatment Plan

Once your tests have been completed and analyzed, you can expect your service provider to create a custom treatment plan for you based on your specific challenges and needs. Your plan will likely include a special diet and exercise regimen designed to help naturally rebalance your hormones. It may also include some prescription medications, even if temporary. Your treatment plan will not completely upend your lifestyle, but you will probably have to make a few small changes.

This is just a basic outline of what to expect from a telemedicine hormone imbalance consultation. Talk to a qualified hormone consultant today to find out exactly how the consultation will proceed.