How to Prepare for a Hearing Test

If you feel like you are losing your hearing, you should schedule a hearing test in the event you need hearing aids. It helps to know what you need to know before you have a hearing test to ensure the results are accurate. The following are some things to help your hearing test go smoothly:

Provide Your Medical History 

When you go for a hearing test, the audiologist needs to have a full medical history for you. Certain illnesses and medications can impact your hearing. Have a list of all the medications you take as well as any major medical issues you have had in your life, such as chronic ear infections. This will help the audiologist know more about your ability to hear and can test you accordingly.

Clean Your Ears

Just a few days before your hearing test, be sure to clean your ears thoroughly. Ear wax buildup is a common reason why many people are unable to hear. Do not use a cotton swab or place anything into your ear. You can damage your eardrum and ear canal. Instead, use a warm washcloth to wipe out your ear with your fingertip.

Do Not Listen to Loud Music

Continuous exposure to loud music or any loud noise can cause damage to your hearing. Temporarily listening to loud music can also impact your hearing. If you listen to loud music just before your hearing test, your results may not be accurate. The audiologist will decide your ability to hear tones and words. When you listen to loud music just before a hearing test, your ears will need time to recover before they can fully understand tones and words. Even a loud vacuum cleaner can impact your results, so try to remain in a quiet environment until after your test.

Take Someone with You

Before you go to your hearing test, plan to have a friend or family member go with you. It always helps to have a support system with you during any medical procedure. You should choose someone you are close to and can attest to your hearing issues. The audiologist can use this information to help better diagnose your hearing condition. Having someone with you can also help you feel calm and comfortable in the event you get nervous.

A hearing test is very easy and does not hurt at all. If you notice any change in your hearing, be sure to get your hearing tested as soon as possible.