3 Tips For Choosing A Child Psychiatrist

Deciding that your child needs the help of a psychiatrist is not easy, but it can be a very positive step in the right direction. A child psychiatrist is there to help when a child is facing mental health or behavioral issues, running the gamut from attention disorders like ADHD to serious mental illnesses. Enlisting the help of the right child psychiatrist can help return your child to a state of calm and happiness. Here are three tips to get started.

Know The Difference Between a Child Psychiatrist and a Child Psychologist

When deciding your child needs mental health assistance, you be confused about whether to schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist or a psychologist. The biggest difference is that psychiatrists are actually medical doctors who can diagnose medication, such as anti-depressants or ADHD medication. 

Psychiatrists are often better able to formally diagnose mental health conditions since they have received extensive medical training. In some cases, a child may need to see both a psychiatrist and a psychologist. They will see the psychiatrist for a diagnosis, treatment plan, and medication, and see the psychologist for counseling.

Ask Your Child's School for Recommendations

Your child's teacher or school counselor may be a great resource for referring you to a child psychiatrist since chances are they interact with child psychiatrists regularly and may even have some that visit the school.

If you do go this route, it will likely be easier for your child's teacher to coordinate with their psychiatrist. It is often helpful for a psychiatrist and teacher to communicate about your child's treatment plan, in case there are ways your teacher can help complement the treatment plan at school. Their teacher can also provide valuable insights to your child's psychiatrist about their behavior in school and learning style.

Schedule a Consultation Appointment

Most child psychiatrists offer consultations for a small fee. These may be on the phone or in person. This consultation is an important way to find out if the child psychiatrist is a good fit for you and your child.

You can ask any questions you have about their experience and background, as well as what their treatment plan will be like if you go ahead with their services. Be sure to also choose a psychiatrist who seems warm, friendly, and like they are good with kids.

While it may not be easy to decide that your child can benefit from a psychiatrist, it's much better than ignoring the problem.

Reach out to a child psychiatrist to learn more.