When Facial Botox Might Be A Suitable Treatment For You, And How The Injections Are Done

If you've been looking at the lines on your face and wondering if it's time to have injections, the best thing to do is visit a medical spa where you can have your skin evaluated first. You can talk to a cosmetic doctor and get experienced advice on whether or not facial Botox is right for you or if you need dermal fillers or some other procedure. Here's when Botox, also called botulinum toxin, might be appropriate and how the injections are given.

When Botulinum Toxin Is Suitable For Facial Wrinkles

Not all wrinkles are a good match for botulinum toxin. These injections work because the toxin relaxes the muscles so they can't move when you smile or make other facial movements. When you frown or smile, the muscles cause your skin to wrinkle.

When you're not showing a facial expression, the skin is smooth and no wrinkles show. However, as soon as you smile, wrinkles form around your eyes and forehead. These are the type of wrinkles that botulinum toxin was made for.

When The Injections Aren't Effective

Wrinkles that always show on your face, such as nasolabial folds and marionette lines, need to have dermal fillers. These wrinkles show whether you're smiling or not, so botulinum toxin won't affect them. If you want to get rid of these wrinkles too, your doctor can inject dermal fillers in them during the same visit you get Botox injections around your eyes and forehead.

You'll Need Multiple Injections

Botulinum toxin injections have improved over the years so you'll have a natural look rather than a paralyzed look. Of course, this depends on who provides the injections. It's important to go to a medical spa or a dermatologist so you get the injections safely and so you like the way you look afterward.

You may need multiple injections during your visit, but the needles are small so you shouldn't feel much pain. You will have instructions to follow when you go home, such as not rubbing the area and not exercising until your doctor says it's OK. You might need to avoid makeup for a day and you may need to keep your head elevated to keep the toxin from spreading.

Your doctor might also recommend you make facial movements, such as frowning and smiling frequently right after the injections to help absorb the toxin. It may take a few days for the injections to take effect, so you may not see the final results of the facial injections for several days.

The effect of relaxing your muscles can last for several months. When you notice your wrinkles returning, you can have the injections repeated to maintain your smooth skin. Contact a Botox injections service to learn more.