Getting Hearing Aid Assistance As A Veteran

Dealing with the Department of Veterans Affairs can be an uphill battle, especially if your hearing is only just beginning to fail. Many occupations in the military and government service can lead to sudden or gradual hearing loss, but your examination for veteran compensation may not show a sufficient drop in hearing capacity. By understanding a few parts of hearing loss concerns and veteran compensation, you can better understand your rights, situation and ways to push for a reliable source of funding for different types of hearing aids. Read More 

No Pretend Patients Here: How Step 2 CS Tests Are Vastly Different From Your Other Medical Exams

As a doctor, registered nurse or physician's assistant, you are required to take the Step 2 CS exam to prove that you can work with patients and demonstrate your learned skills. To get the most accurate picture of how well you would do with real patients in a real medical setting, you will not be working with pretend patients, pairing with your colleagues or simply stating what you would do in each scenario. Read More 

Chiropractic Care For Children: Exploring The Benefits

People often assume that the benefits of chiropractic care are limited to the adult population. However, the truth is that these services can be beneficial to people of all ages, even newborn babies. In fact, with the benefits of chiropractic care in children becoming more evident, there has been a dramatic increase in the demand for these services over the past decade. Below you will learn more about the benefits that these services have to offer so that you can determine for yourself whether chiropractic care may be right for your child. Read More 

4 Things To Know About Food Allergies

If you are familiar with running to the bathroom after having dairy, or experiencing red eyes and runny nose after eating specific foods, you probably have food allergies. These are only two examples of many different types of food allergies you might be suffering from. Some people don't even realize they have a sensitivity to certain foods, since the symptoms may be similar to other conditions. Here are some important things to know about food allergies. Read More 

Is Chest Pain Always an Emergency?

When you feel chest pain, it can be a scary thing, but it doesn't necessarily mean something serious. However, it is a general rule that you shouldn't ignore significant chest pain. If you are dealing with chest pain, the following information can help you decide if it is an emergency, or if you can wait to schedule an appointment with your doctor. When should you seek emergency help? There are certain situations where you should get medical attention as soon as possible if you are having chest pain. Read More