Ways To Treat Gum Disease In Its Beginning Stages

Although keeping your teeth free of decay is important, the health of your gums is also critical. Once gum disease develops, it can often be reversed with proper treatment. Here are a few treatment options that relate to gum disease in its beginning stages: Hygiene Changes When gum disease is in its initial stages, it is called gingivitis. The symptoms associated with gingivitis include gums that bleed when you brush your teeth, gum swelling, and redness of the gums. Read More 

Four Tips For Controlling Pollen Inside Your Home

Outdoors, pollen is everywhere, so you may want to hide indoors during high-pollen times of the year. However, pollen can get inside your house, so if you don't take precautions, you'll be sniffling and sneezing indoors, too. Here are four tips for controlling pollen inside your home. Close your windows On refreshing spring days, you may want to open your windows and let the breeze blow through your home. That breeze will bring pollen with it, so you need to keep your windows closed, no matter how nice the weather is outside. Read More 

Three Things You Need To Know About Acupuncture For Back Pain

Every year, 2.4 million Americans become chronically disabled due to lower back pain. If you're having trouble managing your chronic pain with painkillers, or if you don't want to take opiates, your doctor may recommend seeing an acupuncturist. Here are three things you need to know about acupuncture for lower back pain. How is the treatment performed? During acupuncture, very thin needles will be inserted into your skin. The needles are usually inserted 0. Read More 

Tips For Helping A Child Prepare For An MRI

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an advanced test that doctors sometimes need in order to diagnose a child or otherwise help them achieve optimal health. The MRI will create pictures of internal organs and structures within the body. During the MRI, images can be taken from a variety of angles, which often makes them particularly helpful. Sometimes an MRI is needed alongside other testing like ultrasound exams and X-rays. If your child needs to get an MRI, you may have anxiety, but it's important to focus on preparing the child in a calm manner. Read More 

Frequently Asked Questions About Ledderhose’s Disease

Ledderhose's Disease, also known as planatar fascial fibromatosis, is not a common condition. Still, this disease that causes the deep connective tissue in the foot to thicken can be a nuisance. While minor initially, Ledderhose's Disease can eventually cause the toes to stiffen and walking to become painful. If you have questions about the condition but are not sure if you should call the doctor, refer to this list of questions and answers that may help solve the problem. Read More