When You Should Start Seeing A Gynecologist

Gynecologists are very specialized medical professionals who work with women to ensure healthy reproductive organs, often in tandem with other medical professionals such as your primary care physician or an obstetrician. But when should you see a gynecologist and when is it okay to go see your regular doctor? There are no hard and set rules to determine this. Often one will refer you to the other if they think the other medical professional could handle your situation better, so there is never a big issue. Read More 

Three Hookah Accessories Every Owner Should Consider Buying

Hookah use is quite prevalent across America, with millions of people using them every week. Whether you have been a big proponent of hookah use since you were younger or are getting into it for the first time right now, there are a few accessories that every owner should at least think about buying. These can make your use of a hookah far more enjoyable and consistent, without setting you back too much. Read More 

How an Industrial Hearing Test Helps Jackhammer Workers

Jackhammer operators are often very hardy and robust workers with incredible physical strength. Unfortunately, these operators may find themselves suffering from hearing loss caused by their job. This loss may progressively be harder to spot in a more general hearing test. Thankfully, industrial hearing tests can provide the help that these individuals need. Hearing Damage Is Common in the Industrial World Although working in industrial settings can be a financially rewarding experience for those who want to work hard and strive for a higher level of success, it isn't always a straightforward approach. Read More 

A Routine Eye Exam Can Help Your Eye Twitch

If your eye has ever started twitching, seemingly at random, you aren't alone. Many people come in for routine eye exams, only to disclose that their main concern is a twitching eye. The truth is that eye twitching is something that eye doctors are also concerned about. Here's why your eye might be twitching and what you can do about it. Caffeine & Alcohol Caffeine and alcohol intake can have a lot to do with the ways your eyes function. Read More 

Acne Troubles You Can’t Beat? Talk With A Dermatologist

When you're struggling with breakouts that you can't seem to calm or soothe, you may decide to reach out to a dermatologist for professional support. Your dermatologist can prescribe a variety of different skin treatments to help keep acne at bay, but there are things that you can do to help minimize breakouts. Here's a look at a few things that you should consider doing to reduce your struggles with acne. Read More