Top Benefits Of DNA Sequencing

With DNA sequencing, you can send a sample of your DNA in to a lab to have it sequenced. Basically, this means that someone will thoroughly examine and look into your DNA. This can be beneficial for a few reasons; these are some of the top benefits of DNA sequencing. 1. Find Out More About Who You Are For some people, DNA sequencing is a good thing simply because it allows them to find out more about themselves. Read More 

Problems During Pregnancy That You Should Address With Your OBGYN

There is going to be a lot of changes happening to your body throughout your entire pregnancy. However, there might be some issues that come up that should cause you to create an appointment with your OBGYN. If you would like a better idea of some of the things that would require you to see your doctor, you will want to check out the following points: Persistent Severe Back Pain Read More 

4 Things That Great Egg Donors Have In Common

Donating eggs to help another person build their family is an experience that most women never consider. Yet for those who do, the donation process is more often than not a uniquely rewarding endeavor. That said, those who are attracted to the idea of donating their eggs might be surprised to find out how stringent the prerequisites actually are. If you're curious about this, keep reading below to discover four things that all egg donors have in common. Read More 

Protect Your Child’s Hearing With These Steps

Young children's hearing is a precious commodity to protect. Here are some things to do as a parent to help your child maintain their hearing. Limit them Listening to the TV You should monitor how closely they sit to the television and how loud the TV actually is. This is a leading cause of hearing loss in young children, since they are less able to tell when they are damaging their hearing. Read More 

Why Stem Cell Treatments Are Being Considered For Everything

Every which way you turn, researchers are looking at using stem cells to treat all manner of diseases and disorders. Can stem cell treatments really work? Can they fight cancer and lupus and MS and MD all at the same time? Why are these treatments being considered for everything? To answer that, absorb the following: Stem Cells Are Easily Manipulated Stem cells are the basic building blocks of life. They can be manipulated into creating healthy, duplicate cells that are individualized for every patient, creating biologically perfect cell matches. Read More