Have Bad Allergies? You May Need Turbinate Reduction Surgery

If you have bad seasonal allergies, it is a possibility that the turbinates in your nose have become enlarged. This blocks your nasal passage and makes it more difficult to breathe. When allergies already make breathing difficult, you don't need anything else obstructing your airways. An ear, nose and throat specialist will be able to diagnose this condition if it is present in your nose. If you are eligible for surgery, it can be done in an outpatient procedure. Read More 

Two Alternative Medicine Treatments To Use During Pregnancy

The moment you find out that you are pregnant, your first and primary focus becomes your health and the health of your unborn child. While you may be under the impression that only conventional medical treatments should be used during your pregnancy, this is not necessarily the case. There are several alternative medicine treatments that are available to you to help treat your pregnancy symptoms. These treatments are both safe and effective, and can help improve your overall quality of life and health throughout your pregnancy. Read More 

How To Care For Your Feet And Prevent Bunions From Forming

A bunion is a painful swelling that occurs in the joint area of the big toe. These nuisances are often caused by feet tilting inward while walking or standing. Although this condition can be passed down through generations, improper footwear can also play a part in the formation of these painful areas. There are steps that can be taken to prevent the problem from occurring altogether. By caring for your feet now, you will also be able to avoid extensive medical procedures. Read More 

What Is Causing Your Adult Acne?

Adult acne can not only be embarrassing but mystifying as well; you never suffered from acne as an adolescent so why has it decided to pop up now? If you suffer from adult acne, a few simple changes could dramatically reduce your symptoms. 1. Your Diet Dairy products such as milk and cheese may taste delicious but they are full of oil-producing growth hormones that worsen your acne. Try to eliminate dairy completely from your diet and choose dairy alternatives such as soy milk. Read More 

Glaucoma And Your Child

When you hear glaucoma, you probably do not imagine fresh faced newborns or bright-eyed toddlers. Glaucoma is not just a disease that affects adults. It also affects infants and children, some from the moment of birth. The symptoms of glaucoma in children can be different from those of an adult and mimic other conditions, so it is important to recognize them and seek treatment from a qualified optometrist as soon as possible. Read More